Phil Ifrah
Jun 18, 2021


Here it goes.

I’ve never published any kind of article, journal entry, blog, etc.

I guess today, June 17, 2021 is the day.

Follow along to read my journey. Who knows where I’ll end up. Who knows where you’ll end up.

My journey began in 2014 where I began studying at Florida Atlantic University. I began with Neuroscience, but eventually came out with a Bachelors in Psychology. I graduated in 2018 and began my Masters in 2019.

And, here I am, 2 years later- a BA in Psychology and and a Masters in Social Work.

Look forward to getting to know you.


  • Philip Ifrah
Phil Ifrah

Bachelors in Psychology, Masters of Social Work (2021). Experience in work with trauma, addictions, and myriad of mental health illnesses.